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When you are moving, you will need to ask yourself what you want to use for your move. You can use something like a moving van, which will take in everything you have to move, or you can use a moving truck. What is the difference? Well there is actually a lot of difference between those two different types of moving vehicles.

If you have something like an apartment, or even a small house, you will be able to get by with a moving van. Moving vans are generally small, but large enough that you should be able to fit nearly everything into them so that you do not have to do more than one or more trips. Even with a large apartment or house, any move that is not going very far, as in the same city, then you should be able to get away with just having a moving van. The reason for this is that you can simply do one or two trips, maybe even three, you can save money with the moving van from If you are traveling more than just the city, as in hours away, then something larger may be needed to ensure you do not have to come back for anything.
That something larger would be a moving truck. Moving trucks are usually used very large apartments of more than two bedrooms and houses with more than one or two bedrooms. They will be able to fit nearly anything you need into them because of their size. If you are moving outside of your city, at least two hours away, then you should take one of these. This is also a great bet if you don’t want to worry about how much you can fit into the moving truck. If you pick something large enough, you will have more than enough room to handle everything, without having to be an expert at Tetris to ensure everything fits.

The choice between a moving van and a moving truck does not have to be a tough one. Looking at your apartment and your possessions, you simply need to decide what will fit in what. If you are moving within your city, then take a moving van and do a number of trips. If you are within your city for the move but don’t want to take the time going back and forth, then you should think about getting a moving truck to handle everything in one move. You most likely don’t want to do three or four trips when the distance you have to travel is more than two hours, so in that case you are going to want a moving truck.

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