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Moving is one of the most difficult things a person has to do in their lifetime. It is not enjoyable, but it can be bearable when you know how to move properly When you go through, you not only get some of the best moving vans in the business, but you also get the tips you need to be successful with your move.

To help you with your move, here are some easy tips you can follow to make that move bearable, quick and cheap.

Before the move, you want to ensure you get everything packed up very early on. If you worry about not having enough items for the next few days, you can designate one drawer or a dresser for your first night essentials and the time before the move. You can also reduce your load by having a garage sale beforehand. Not only will this save you in time for moving those items, but it will allow you to earn some extra money as well before your move, which is handy to have when you rent a moving van from
When you are in the process of the move, you should make sure to keep your pets out of the way during loading. Try and have them at a friends house while you are moving. Also, ensure you pack your heavy items in small boxes and light items in larger boxes. This will keep the weights more consistent and you will not be struggling to move a large box full of books.
You should always remove the bulbs from lamps to keep them from breaking, and pictures should be put in boxes between anything that can provide extra protection, like sheets or blankets.

Before leaving the new place, make sure you defrost the fridge and clean all the appliances. This is especially true if you are renting as one of the first things landlords check is the stove. To keep the fridge smelling fresh while you are gone, put a half-cup of coffee grinds, baking soda and charcoal in a sock to keep it smelling fresh and nice.

Lastly, always do a last check of everything to make sure you have not forgotten anything. It would suck to move 3,000 miles and find out you forgot the channel changer for the television. It isn’t like a hotel, the new tenants may not mail it to you.

Moving is not easy, but when you follow these tips from, you can make it a bit easier for you and your family. Then, when you take your moving van or moving truck to your new location, you will have the peace of mind that you made it as easy as possible for yourself. There are few things better than that during a move.
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